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ODME Main Units

ODME S663 MK-III Calculator

The ODME Calculator or the ODME Operator Console or the ODME Controller is the main ODME unit, which receives all the data signals from the ships peripheral Devices such as Ships Speed Log, Ships GPS, Flow meter etc.

Oil Content Meter

The OLEOMETRE or the Oil Content Meter is the Water Analyzing unit for the on line water analysis of the oil contained in the sample water passing through the Measuring content in dirty ballast water, according to MARPOL Regulations.

ODME Seres Motor Starter

The Motor starter is the device for manual or automatic start - stop of the motor driving the sampling pump of the ODME system, as well as for the protection of it in case of malfunction.

ODME Seil Seres Motor Pump Assembly

The Motor and Sampling Pump assembly is the responsible mechanism for pumping the sample water from the sampling point of the ships Overboard Discharge Pipe to the Measuring Vessel or the PPM measurer for analysis, as well as for pumping fresh water during the different modes of operation of the ODME system sequence.

Hydraulic Panel

The Complete Hydraulic Panel is a Major Part for both Seres and Seil Seres ODME Systems and serves as a Hydraulic Switch for executing the four different sequences of the ODME system which are:

Sampling Probe

The Sampling Probe is a Stainless Steel Pipe welded on a flange as shown in the adjacent picture for driving the sample water from the ships Overboard Discharge Pipe through the pump into the Measuring cell or the PPM measurer of the Oil Content Meter for real time sample water analysis.

ODME Seres DP Transmitter

The Differential Pressure Transmitter is the first major part of the ODME Flow meter System. Its principle of operation is to convert the pressure received from the Pitot Tube to electrical current.

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