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ODME Seil Seres SS-2000

SS-2000 Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment

We are offering a range of fully refurbished – with 24 months Darlas - Hellas Warranty on exchange basis SEIL SERES OIL DISCHARGE MONITORING EQUIPMENT Type ODME SS-2000.

This equipment is in full compliance with IMO RES A 586(XIV) – MEPC 51 (32) for Tanker Ships.

The Seil Seres SS-2000 is suitable to be retrofitted to all Tanker Ships build before the year 2005.

ODME SS-2000 is required by MARPOL regulations and it’s a system for controlling the discharge into the sea of the oily products in ballast from the cargo spaces of tankers. The System is approved in accordance with Resolution A 586 (XIV) and MEPC 51 (32) for Oily Products.


ODME SeilSeres SS-2000

The SS-2000 Seil Seres ODME system consists of the following major parts - units:

  • DP TRANSMITTER as part of the flow meter,
  • PITOT TUBE as part of the flow meter,
  • PUMP.

The Seil Seres ODME System supports features and options like:

  • Self-calibration,
  • Automatic zeroing,
  • Self-Cleaning of Measuring Vessel,
  • Across running,
  • Back flushing,
  • PPM Alarm,
  • Total Oil Limit Alarm,
  • Automatic Selection of Sample Monitoring
  • up to 3 channels etc.


The heart of the system is the Oil Content Meter, which uses an intrinsically safe multi cell detection system with fibres optics and automatic compensation, for detecting the actual PPM value of oil content.

Those are functions that have built inside the unit so the cost of maintenance will be kept as low as possible while the operation will be easily understood by the operator.

A very important feature for the Seil Seres ODME SS-2000 is the compatibility of its Major-Individual Units which can enable the service engineer to offer to the ship owner to upgrade his non-functioning or obsolete or old ODME system with a refurbished Seil Seres System offered by DARLAS – HELLAS with a full 24-months Warranty on Exchange Basis. This Retrofit Upgrade can be done easily and at low cost even when the ship is in operation and most of the times without HOT WORK.

We at DARLAS - HELLAS with service attendances in more than 450 ships and with more than 25 Retrofit Installations and upgrades per year have a wealth of experience, which can assure you that you choose the right people to work with.

We Currently offer three ODME models for our retrofit installations. For Tanker Ships built before 2005 we offer either the Seres S.663 MK-III Model 911 ODME or the Seil Seres SS-2000. While for ships built after 2005 we offer the Seil Seres ODME model S-3000. These systems can be offered either as Completely Refurbished or as Brand new Systems with full 24-months warranty on exchange basis.

Please contact us for further details.

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